2018 Oscar Predictions: Best Foreign Language Film

Foreign language film is another category that gets shortlisted, making it a bit easier to predict, which is helpful as it would otherwise be one of the most difficult. Even then, it’s still hard. Right now, nine films stand in contention for five spots, and unless one is finely in tune with the ebbs and flows of awards season, picking those final few films is mostly a guessing game.

But we can give it a shot regardless and learn along the way. While notable critical darlings BPM (Beats Per Minute) and First They Killed My Father shockingly missed out, a few of the heavy hitters still remain. A Fantastic Woman, which has received buzz elsewhere in the Lead Actress category for Daniela Vega — who could become the first transgender woman nominated — is holding strong. Andrey Zvyagintsev’s Loveless is one that will likely be a favorite among the foreign committee, as will Israel’s Foxtrot.

While not as critically acclaimed as these others, the Palme d’Or winner The Square, which received a big boost by that award and has maintained that momentum, will be a popular pick.

Beyond these, though, it becomes incredibly difficult to nail down what will happen.

In the Fade has been popular to many, winning at the Golden Globes. However, it also has, perhaps, the weakest reception.

Senegal’s Félicité making the shortlist was a bit surprising to some, which makes it seem as though it could be stronger than we expect.

The Insult has the critical acclaim, and it could be the one to just sneak its way in.

With this category, the only thing to do is wait and see.

The 5
The Square
A Fantastic Woman
The Insult

Could contend
In the Fade
The Wound
On Body and Soul


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