MovieMinis (stylized as movieminis) started as a free WordPress blog in the fall of 2014. After editor-in-chief Kyle Kizu wrote and edited for The Daily Californian, the independent student newspaper of UC Berkeley, and then interned in subsequent summers at IndieWire and The Hollywood Reporter, he decided to turn the side project into a full time endeavor in the fall of 2017.

MovieMinis brings you movie reviews that are longer than RottenTomatoes blurbs, but shorter than your typical film reviews. Our goal is to make film reviews more digestible, avoiding what seems to be an industry tendency for too much summary or indecipherable analysis. Titled ‘minis,’ our reviews are for the everyday fan to help them place films in culture.

But fear not, if you’re a film nerd who wants to get in depth, we offer additional full length versions of many of the major releases — on top of weekly lists, debates, think pieces and more. At MovieMinis, our staff balances our deep obsession with cinema, while also knowing that film journalism must adapt to survive.


Editor-in-chief: Kyle Kizu

Deputy Editor and Senior Film Critic: Levi Hill

Film Critic: Sanjay Nimmagudda

Staff Writer: Sophie-Marie Prime

Staff Writer: Hooman Yazdanian

Staff Writer: Michelle Lee


We are always looking for new writers. Currently, due to how new the site is and that we’re still figuring out how to monetize it, we can’t offer pay. But once we do stabilize a revenue stream, we’ll transition to paying writers, both staff and freelance.

To join staff, please email kyle.kizu@gmail.com with a resume, a cover letter and three clips.

To contribute/freelance, please email kyle.kizu@gmail.com with your pitches and, if we haven’t been in contact before, lay out your background in writing.