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2018 Oscar Predictions: Best Sound Editing

“Sound editing” is a term not widely understood by the general public. Basically, it is the creation of sounds for a film. The noise of a blaster or a tie fighter in a Star Wars film? That’s sound editing. The explosions of bombs in war films? That’s sound editing.

There aren’t a whole lot of precursors for this award, as BAFTA’s Best Sound category points more toward Best Sound Mixing than it does toward this one.

There is the award handed out by the Motion Picture Sound Editors group. The group opted for Blade Runner 2049, so a pick there would have a decent amount of reason to back it up.

But Dunkirk does seem to still have a lead here regardless. War films are popular in this category, with American SniperZero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker all winning here in the last decade. In addition, BAFTA has ended up predicting this category and not Best Sound Mixing before; in fact, that happened just last year when Arrival took home the BAFTA and went on to win here. So Dunkirk‘s BAFTA win certainly does hold weight.

Finally, one of the biggest aspects of Dunkirk that audience’s unanimously rave about is its sound, it being more intense and overwhelming than most films in the genre. The film will likely take the other sound category, and if any film were to take both — the sounds are split a decent amount of the time — it would be Nolan’s.

The Nominees
Richard King, Alex Gibson — Dunkirk
Mark Mangini, Theo Green — Blade Runner 2049
Ren Klyce, Matthew Wood — Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Julian Slater — Baby Driver
Nathan Robitaille, Nelson Ferreira — The Shape of Water 

Will win: Dunkirk
Could win: Blade Runner 2049
Should win: Dunkirk
Should’ve been nominated: War for the Planet of the Apes


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2018 Oscar Predictions: Best Foreign Language Film

There’s one film that has stood out from the field for a while now. While The Square may have won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and Loveless may be the most critically acclaimed of the bunch, A Fantastic Woman has been the foreign language film of note ever since reviews came out and especially because of the push for lead actress Daniela Vega that many made before nominations were announced. With its focus on a transgender woman and the difficulties she faces in the face of tragedy, the film could also be a very timely winner.

It’s tough to completely rule out The Square, and the film is certainly one that would be a passionate pick for many. It’s notoriety could’ve also helped it during voting.

What could win, however, based on word of mouth from the industry and from professional awards writers, is The Insult. The Lebanese film apparently picked up steam toward the end, but whether that could be enough to steal it from A Fantastic Woman is unclear.

The Nominees
The Square
A Fantastic Woman
The Insult
On Body and Soul

Will win: A Fantastic Woman
Could win: The Insult


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2018 Oscar Predictions: Best Documentary Feature

After shocking snubs of supposed heavyweight contenders Jane, the PGA winner, and City of Ghosts, the DGA winner, and the BAFTA being given to a 2016 US release, I Am Not Your Negro, the documentary feature category is, essentially, without precursors to illuminate a likely winner.

In this case, it comes down to politics and buzz. A producer of Last Men in Aleppo, for a period of time, was not going to be able to attend the ceremony because of President Trump’s travel ban. Last year, The Salesman director Asghar Farhadi was also barred, and the narrative pushed his foreign film to a win. The producer ended up obtaining a Visa, but it wasn’t announced until after voting had closed. The same type of narrative could’ve cleared a path for the film to win.

Faces Places isn’t the most overtly political film, but it is certainly a contender because of the personality of Agnes Varda. Varda is a legendary filmmaker and a beloved figure, and many might want to see her take home an Oscar.

Strong Island might gain some traction, as it is a documentary about the murder of a young Black man and filmmaker Yance Ford is the first transgender director to receive an Oscar nomination.

And Abacus: Small Enough to Jail is about the Wall Street crash and the local, family run, Chinatown-based bank that ended up being the only bank the US government attempted to prosecute.

But the pick I’m going with is Icarus. The film comes from Netflix, a definite documentary force, and the voting period hit almost exactly at the same time as the Winter Olympics, an event many Russian athletes were banned from because of the very events that the film tracks. And with “Russia” in the headlines almost daily, voters might’ve been drawn to Icarus pretty easily.

The Nominees

Faces Places
Strong Island
Last Men in Aleppo
Abacus: Small Enough to Jail

Will win: Icarus
Could win: Faces Places
Should win: Icarus
Should’ve been nominated: Jane


Featured image via Cohen Media Group