2018 Oscar Predictions: Best Animated Feature

In this year, even a so-so Pixar film would make it. But Coco is spectacular, meaning that it’s also like in line to win the category rather easily.

As for the other four, the Academy has opened up the nominations voting to the entire membership. Before, the category was nominated by the Short Films and Feature Animation branches, which brought love to many foreign and independent pictures. Whereas The Red Turtle was an undeniable lock last year, a similar film may have to fight very hard to find a spot.

Loving Vincent is a similar film, but it has an edge. The film is the first fully painted film — each frame being a painting in Vincent Van Gogh’s style. It hasn’t received the same type of critical acclaim as Coco, but it has gotten good enough reviews, and it’s rather groundbreaking, so it should be a shoe-in.

This year could also be fascinating as The LEGO Batman Movie seems to be one of the stronger contenders, despite many saying that The LEGO Movie — which was not nominated — is the better of the two. This film does not have any live action segments, so there should be no issue nominating it.

We’re hoping that the Academy doesn’t ignore The Breadwinner, a film about a young girl growing up in Afghanistan under the Taliban who has to dress up as a boy to support her family. The film has received glowing reviews and is an especially important story. It has all the momentum right now and is the only film that has a tiny chance of actually beating Coco.

Finally, even though we want to go with Birdboy: The Forgotten Children, we can’t anymore due to the rule change. In that case, a more friendly, popular and conventional choice seems to be Ferdinand. 

The main four are set. That last spot is really up for grabs.

The 5
Loving Vincent
The LEGO Batman Movie
The Breadwinner

Could contend
Birdboy: The Forgotten Children

Despicable Me 3
Cars 3
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
Sébastian Laudenbach
In This Corner of the World
A Silent Voice
The Girl Without Hands
Mary and the Witch’s Flower


Featured image via Pixar.

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