2018 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

While some are currently calling Best Supporting Actress a thin category, those who will contend are incredibly strong.

There seem to be four guarantees at this point. Laurie Metcalf, for Lady Bird, and Allison Janney, for I, Tonya, are locks. Metcalf was the critical favorite while Janney is pulling ahead in the industry awards after winning at SAG.

Holly Hunter is a scene-stealer in The Big Sick and since the film has held rather strong, with SAG nominations to prove, Hunter will be in the mix.

The fourth looks to be Mary J. Blige for Mudbound. The film is sadly being overlooked elsewhere, but Blige has gained some serious steam. Netflix bias pushed out Idris Elba a few years ago, but this snub would be downright offensive.

The fifth, as with most categories, is a bit difficult to pin down. But we’re going with our gut here.

Downsizing may have disappointed as a whole, but Hong Chau is a standout. Visibility would be the only potential issue, but Alexander Payne is beloved by the industry, so Chau should get enough eyes on her performance to be nominated

If Chau doesn’t get in, there are a few that could take her place.

While comedy doesn’t often get its fair recognition, Tiffany Haddish’s performance in Girls Trip could be one of the ones to break the mold. The film was a box office smash, and Haddish was the clear and undeniable stand out.

Phantom Thread is obviously host to Daniel Day-Lewis’ final role. But it’s also features a wonderful performance from Lesley Manville. If the film finds voters’ eyes, Manville could sneak in.

And how can you ever count out Octavia Spencer? She is a powerhouse and her delightful turn in The Shape of Water will likely be loved by many.

The 5
Laurie Metcalf — Lady Bird
Allison Janney — I, Tonya
Holly Hunter — The Big Sick
Mary J. Blige — Mudbound
Hong Chau — Downsizing

Could contend
Tiffany Haddish — Girls Trip
Lesley Manville — Phantom Thread
Melissa Leo — Novitiate
Octavia Spencer — The Shape of Water


Featured image via Paramount Pictures.

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